Them Post War Years

One of the best bands to come out of Leamington were the Post War Years. I say 'were' because they recently announced their seperation.

I first saw them play in Moo Bar sometime around 2003. It was an acoustic show and the first time Si, Tom, Henry and Fred had performed as the Post War Years. Their tunes were great and their musical ability was second to none.

From then on they seemed destined for great things. I remember thinking it was only a matter of time before they were signed. And it was.

Since living in Brighton, I've taken every opportunity to catch them play. One show that stands out was at Komedia, our Brighton friends were in attendance were blown away.

Some links for your enjoyment:

Si, Fred, Henry and Tom

I'm generally gutted but completely understand your decision. I have to confess that PWYs was always one of those bands I wanted to be in.

You certainly kept us on our toes during those early days in Leamington.