The Swains' Content Strategy

The Swains equipment onstage

In the context of a regional covers band, I've seen many examples of poor social media use. Many of these bands fail to understand that social media is no different than being at a party. You don't stand their shouting things about yourself or your schedule.

I see too many bands using social media to constantly self promote gigs and merchandise. Sure, you can use social media in this way but constantly promoting things like this lead your followers to become blind to your updates.

Social media can be used to talk to your fans all at once, in a everyday and informal manner.

The Swains decided they wanted to gather opinions, hold polls, take suggestions and generally keep the public informed. Discussion of private and public gigs showed that the band were always busy, even if there were no public gigs to attend. Wedding couples love the personal touch when, post wedding, the band wishes them the best.

Before this, private and public gigs always remained separate to the band and their followers.

To support this strategy, I'm working on a new website based around a blog. The Facebook page will be a funnel for driving users from their Facebook page, to the website. It's here that they'll advertise gigs, merchandise, newsletters etc,

My point here is this funnel idea. Don’t use Facebook to sell things, use it to interact. Offer your audience a lot of good content, then I think you have the right to ask them to come to a show or buy a t-shirt.

I believe the The Swains' openness and approachability will transfer into ticket sales.