Atomic Documentation by Sally Jenkinson

Atomic Documentation PDF on screen

Today saw the release of my good friend Sally's first book: Atomic Documentation. It's an excellent resource for those of you looking to move away from the documentation heavy processes of the past.

I was honoured to help review early revisions and to be included inside.

The roots of Atomic Documentation

We met in an environment that would've been hostile to the idea of using notes and white boards as a medium to capture design decisions.

Regular late night sessions were spent inside Microsoft Word. Now that I think of it, we met over a particularly lengthy document for a large piece of client work - Sally taught me the value of using proper headers there!

In this environment, a group of us formed a strong friendship.

It seems I still carry baggage from those times which I’m working on discarding. Sally on the other hand has taken these experiences and turned them into something positive: Atomic Documentation.

I can't wait to see her present at Responsive Day Out.

Maxwell reads Atomic Documentation: