November 2013 Pastry Box piece

The original text was published by The Pastry Box Project.


Working on the south coast of the UK, you'll find train commuting a necessity, especially into London. If you commute, it's up to you what you choose to take from it.

I use it as an opportunity for empirical research through direct observation.

You'll find that you'll begin to build empathy for your fellow commuters: what task are they undertaking and how effortless is it? Does it illicit an emotional response and if it is, why do you think that is? You'll be able to observe these behaviours directly.

These observations will begin to influence your designs and give you confidence to validate your decisions when needed.

Over time you will build up your own library of observations which will influence your genius design.

Everyday activities can offer us great opportunities for supplementing our professional research in realistic and natural environments.