Lindsey Swain’s time as a Typesetter

When I was 8 (… in 1989!), I was living with my Brother and Mum in Coventry. My mum, though qualified in graphic design, was a typesetter for the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

Back then, she used Letraset transfers and I remember being allowed to stay up late while she worked on page layouts. Of course this wasn’t my focus so to keep me happy, I was allowed my own sheet, allowing me to transfer characters at random onto bedroom walls.

An example of a Times New Roman Letraset transfer. Characters are listed horizontally across the transfer.
Example of a Times New Roman Letraset transfer courtesy of Letraset.

Sadly she passed away a few years later.

Now, there are a million reasons I wish she was alive today. Putting aside my desire for her and my wife to meet, I wish I could discuss kerning, typefaces, measure, letterpress printing, font pairing, show her The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web… all the things I discuss with Jonny and Danny on a daily basis.

She’d have loved the web!