Letters from World War 2

I have recently mentioned on my twitter feed my love for the current HBO series ‘The Pacific’. I find WW2 particularly interesting, such extraordinary times; so I try to learn as much as I can. It was after I posted under the #pacific tag that I discovered a tweet about the site ‘Letters from World War II’, a brilliant example of past and present combining to create a fascinating resource.

The site follows the Nelson family from Appleton, Minnesota and their wartime correspondence with loved ones serving overseas. The family members are categories so posts can be ordered by people involved. The Nelson members are:

It's essentially a blog right out of the 1940s and the extraordinary times I mentioned above.

To further the feeling of isolation and distance between the family, the site isn’t releasing all the letters at once. Instead they’re being published in chronological order as they were sent in the 40s.

Along with the letters we have photographs of family members, both personal and professional in origin. The latest post is a post card from Wyoming; Lorne Nelson is ‘currently’ on his way to San Francisco where he will board a boat destined for Hawaii. The front of the postcard is an illustration of Fort Crook Bomber Assembly plant; the scan is of a very high quality too. I would put a thumb here but I don’t wish to breach the copyright of Letters’ but I recommend you check the site out.

I’m really looking forwarded to future posts; I’m already beginning to feel the ‘story’ grip. I think it’s great that the Nelson family have decided to share these personal letters with the world. And what a great and original way to do it too!

Further locations for Letters’:

At the conclusion this site will be a very high quality and interesting resource that will really bring the stories to life. Thank you Nelson family and all the folks behind Letters from World War II.