Paul Swain's Brand of Burnout

My colleagues are acting like excited children. They're obsessing about a ski trip to Meribel next month.

They’re sending each other emails, going to lunch together, discussing appropriate helmet shapes and what to do with the endless Go Pro footage they will amass.

I cannot help but be jealous.

Last year was my wedding and we decided to take 90% of our holiday allocation in one go for the honeymoon. By September I was tired. My mind was wandering at work, I became angry at myself when I couldn’t answer colleagues’ questions, I had little drive to get up and my normal outlets had become stale.

I was alright with clients but if I heard one more helpful comment from the company director, I could’ve lost it. My cynicism was at an all time high.

This was my own brand of burnout and I didn't realise I was suffering from it.

Holidays are important, and our honeymoon couldn’t come quickly enough. Just had a wedding to get out of the way first…

The view from our apartment in Sardinia.
This view helped me get over it!